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01/06 Research Suggests Insecticide Causes Mad Cow Disease
The startling link between head lice treatments, 'Mad Cow' disease, and Alzheimer's
01/07 Port of Houston settles contamination suit for $100 million
Settlement between the port and GB Biosciences, its parent company and 11 other firms associated
with the east Houston plant, where the pesticides DDT and lindane were formerly manufactured.
01/08 Study finds farm-raised salmon have more cancer-causing pollutants than do wild salmon
Researchers conclude eating more than a meal of farm-raised salmon per month, depending on its country of origin, could slightly increase the risk of getting cancer later in life.
01/17 'Lice brigade' inspects heads weekly - Insect a concern for parents, schools
Parent-run "lice brigade" check students' heads on Fridays to prevent the pests from spreading.
01/20 Recognition and Management of Acute Pesticide Poisoning
Most pesticides poisonings do not have an antidote, making decontamination the most important intervention.
01/20 Making Lice Treatments Clearer, If Not Less Embarrassing
At the end of last month the FDA issued a final rule changing and amplifying some of the warnings and directions on popular lice treatments.
02/09 New York Follows California to Ban Prescription Pesticide Lindane for Lice & Scabies
Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg introduces bill that would prohibit any lice or scabies treatment product from containing the pesticide Lindane.
02/17 Calapooia Middle School Creates 'Hygiene' Room
Construction has begun on a "hygiene" room to help the school better deal with lice and other health issues.
02/19 Local Town Leads The Effort to Reduce Pesticide Use in Schools
Newton Massachusetts certified for its school pest management program and reducing pesticide use.
02/26 Mix of Chemicals Plus Stress Damages Brain, Liver in Animals and Likely in Humans
Research reveals damage to the brain, nervous system, and liver after exposure to low-dose chemicals including the insecticide permethrin.
03/15 The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides congratulates committee for pesticide bylaw
Bylaw will go a long way in protecting the health and well being of all Montreal, especially children.
03/18 Mother's War on Head Lice
By Jen Kelly, Herald Sun Medical Reporter
03/18 Pesticides Affect Mental Development
Study conducted by Greenpeace shows the mental health of children in agricultural communities is being affected by pesticides.
03/19 Poverty Related Conditions Increase in New Zealand
Public health nurse says she has had to deal with a large number of children with advanced cases of school sores, scabies and head lice.
03/23 Pesticide Poisoning from Synthetic Pyrethroids
Pyrethroids are in insecticide bug-bombs, head lice treatments, flea sprays for pets, and are commonly used in fruit orchards.
03/25 Broader Rules Urged for Research Involving Children
Government is being urged to broaden and clarify rules designed to protect kids from risky or unethical studies.
03/25 US Ban on Insecticides Linked to Beneficial Neonatal Outcomes
Recent ban on residential use of two insecticides had beneficial effects on neonatal growth parameters.
04/01 School Lice Problem Comes to a Head
Mother spent almost $200 in just over a year trying to eradicate head lice from her daughter’s hair.
04/02 Body Burden - The Pollution in People
Researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants, and other chemicals in nine volunteers, with a total of 167 chemicals found in the group.
04/04 Students soar in state science fair
Project measured harmful effects of Lindane on digestive bacteria of humans and animals.
04/08 Pesticides Affect Neuro Development in Children
The wide use of pesticides in India's farm sector had led to children developing mental development disorders.
04/12 Protect kids from poison
Frantic mother rushes young daughter, who was experiencing full seizures, to ER after the child had ingested Kwell (lindane).
04/13 The National Pediculosis Association Says "Keep Your Wits Not Your Nits"™
Those who support a no nit policy see it as a pro-active approach to protect children from unnecessary exposure to head lice and potentially harmful head lice treatments.
04/21 Hidden Poisons in Household Goods
Dozens of chemicals in everyday use are invading the human body and threatening the health of future generations.
04/23 Ontario doctors issue pesticide warning
Doctors are strongly urging limited exposure to pesticides because of consistent links with serious illnesses.
05/02 Families' lives poisoned by crop spraying
Pesticide Industry and Government accused of risking the health of hundreds of thousands of people.
05/05 Successful Lindane-Free Control of Head Lice and Scabies
Experience at several large institutions demonstrates that effective lice control can be achieved without lindane.
05/07 Boss Louse featured in School Nurse News
See him on page 17 of the May issue.
05/10 Many U.S. Residents Carry Toxic Pesticides Above "Safe" Levels
Report shows Children, Women and Mexican Americans Shoulder Heaviest "Pesticide Body Burden".
05/12 The sex ratio distortion in the human head louse is conserved over time
Observations of a female-biased sex ratio in populations of head lice.
05/13 Pet Products May Harm Both Pets and Humans
Some of the chemicals used in pet products can also be found in head lice treatments.
05/17 U.N. chemical blacklist from May 17 said too short
Chemicals blamed for causing deaths and birth defects will be outlawed, but many experts want other poisons added to the list.
05/17 Healthy Tomorrow thanks supporters of Safer Alternatives to Toxic Chemicals
Scientific evidence increasingly indicates that toxic chemicals contribute to an epidemic of diseases and disorders.
05/17 Dirty dozen chemical treaty takes effect without U.S.
Treaty on 12 of the world's most dangerous chemicals went into effect without the United States.
06/08 Watch out for head lice
School officials see surges during student vacations.
07/07 Family give 'toxins' blood
Blood tested to discover how many life-threatening man-made chemicals they have in their bodies.
07/12 Collembola found in scrapings from individuals diagnosed with delusory parasitosis
New clinical study published in the Journal of the New York Entomological Society.
07/25 One in three personal care products contains a possible carcinogen
When determining the chemical risk for any individual, consider all the possible exposure points.
07/27 Overview of Lindane Risk Assessment
EPA’s human health, environmental, and ecological risk findings for the pesticide lindane.
08/02 It's a lousy problem, and getting worse
Head lice are infesting thousands of children across the nation as the parasites build up immunity to chemicals.
08/10 Association of Pesticide Exposure With Neurologic Dysfunction and Disease
Each year more than 2 billion pounds of pesticides are applied to crops, homes, schools, parks, and forests. Such widespread use results in pervasive human exposure.
08/17 The U.S. is working with Canada and Mexico to develop plan on the chemical lindane
Any groups who would like to sign on to the Non-Governmental Organizations Position Statement have a deadline of Thursday August 19th, 2004.
08/17 How are pesticides, particularly malathion, dangerous?
Studies have shown links between exposure to malathion and various human maladies, including non-Hodgkins lymphoma, childhood leukemia, anemia, chromosome damage, and weakened immune systems.
08/24 Chemicals Evaluated for Carcinogenic Potential
EPA produced a public listing of pesticide active ingredients with their rating in terms of their perceived ability to cause cancer in humans.
08/27 NPA Sponsors 20th Annual Back-to-School Head Lice Prevention Campaign
Watch Out for Boss Louse! Kids aren't the only ones heading back to school this fall. Boss Louse and his Head Lice Gang are sure to be making an appearance.
09/03 Mystery Parasites Plague East Valley Woman
One after another, doctors have told her that she suffers from a mental condition known as “delusive parasitosis”
09/03 Back to school can mean trip to doctor's office for many
Now that school is in session, a large number of area children are getting more than an education. They're getting lice, colds, flu and other infections.
09/10 Scientific Study or Product Advertising?
Although new research for alternative head lice treatments are always encouraging, the NPA finds it impossible to evaluate reports lacking independent scientific study.
09/19 'Australian Bush' Toxins on Wild Side
High levels of toxic man-made chemicals have been detected in Tasmanian wildlife.
09/22 Organic Foods Avoid Pesticide Effects
Organic foods, which are foods grown without the use of pesticides or artificial chemicals, have risen in popularity as people become wary of what effect chemicals can have on the body.
09/22 Some Washington Schools Go Organic for Lunch
Protecting children from pesticides in their food while other pesticides are still being put directly on their heads.
09/23 California Gov. Signs Bill to Make Sure Drinking Water is Safe for Kids
Extensive research has shown that children metabolize compounds differently than adults, taking significantly longer to clear toxins out of their bodies and are more susceptible to long-term damage since toxins can interfere with proper brain and organ development.
09/24 German Forensic Scientist Reports on NPA Study
People in Germany reporting same symptoms as in the USA
09/24 No-Nit Policies Subject of Debate
Why would a pediatrician want a child in school with an infectious disease?
09/26 The debate of whether Head Lice and Body Lice belong to the same species
Two articles from each side of the issue
09/28 Open Letter to Bayer CropScience
A broad array of public interest groups and health professionals support the immediate phase out of all uses of lindane.
09/30 Turn to nit combs, not shampoos for head lice
Head lice are developing resistance to chemicals used to treat them, health professionals confirm.
10/01 To most parents, they're an embarrassing pest. To the Nit Picker, they're a living
Helen Hadley found her calling crawling through her daughter's hair when her little girl had head lice, which Hadley proceeded to banish with a dispatch she'd later view as the basis of an entrepreneurial opportunity.
10/04 U.S. Blocks Progress on Phase Out of Toxic Pesticide at Tri-National Meetings
Officials Ignore Public Health, Indigenous and Environmental Groups Recommending Elimination of Lindane
10/05 What a Story Lice Can Tell
The evolutionary history of human lice dovetails with that of their hosts and reflects several pivotal events that affected both species.
10/08 Mexico to eliminate toxic chemical lindane
Representatives of the government of Mexico announced the country's intention to develop and implement a program leading to the phase out of all uses of lindane.
10/13 Boss Louse™ Goes to School!
Revising guidelines to allow children to attend school with an infestation of head lice means more children will now be in school with actively infested classmates, increasing the risk that they too will become infested.
10/15 Conference on Health and Environment in Montreal
Doctors call for Precautionary Principle and to aggressively limit children's exposure to hazardous chemicals.
10/18 Chemicals are making people sick. Why aren’t we doing anything?
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity afflicts millions of people who report that they are unusually sensitive or allergic to substances, such as detergents, perfumes, solvents, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and foods.
10/21 Reversible neurotoxicity after an overdose of topical lindane in an infant
From Pediatric Dermatology, September 2004, Volume 21 Issue 5
10/21 Pediatricians Need More Training On Environmental Health
More training needed to prevent, recognize, and treat diseases caused by environmental exposures.
11/12 Pesticide study with children delayed over ethical concerns and chemical industry funding
They could start by collecting the data on children already directly exposed to pesticide treatments for lice and scabies.
11/15 She's on fire, saying docs' lice Rx burned
Emergency room told woman to use a shampoo containing lindane that seared her face and chest.
11/24 Poison, Protection, and Children
The EPA and Industry Team Up to Protect Profits in Florida Study, Leaving Children Behind.
Dec Etiology of Delusory Parasitosis?
Presumed psychiatric condition ascribed to individuals who are convinced, in the absence of any empirical evidence, that they are infected with an insect or parasite. The symptoms are debilitating and the sufferer’s distress is compounded by the lack of a concrete physical diagnosis.
12/02 Treating Head Lice Without Toxins
Many products used for lice contain lindane or other highly toxic pesticides. A look at less-toxic alternatives.
12/27 More Waters Test Positive for Drugs
Chemists have been documenting widespread pharmaceutical contamination of lakes, streams, and groundwater.
12/28 Die-off tied to pesticide label?
EPA rejected the proposed label for the pesticide Fyfanon, a brand name for malathion, stating the label needed a warning that it shouldn't be used "around bodies of water where fish or shellfish are grown" But almost five years later the label still did not include the warning.


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