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Boss Louse Goes to School!
Important Message for Parents

The backlash from the "Guidelines for Treatment of Resistant Head Lice" printed in Contemporary Pediatrics in 2000 regrettably continues in 2004, as many communities are revising their guidelines for Pediculosis allowing children to attend school with an infestation of head lice. As a consequence, more children will now be in school with actively infested classmates, increasing the risk that they too will become infested.

The National Pediculosis Association® (NPA) says screening and early detection of head lice are now more important than ever and urges parents to check their children for head lice and nits as a part of routine hygiene. Just as children learn to brush their teeth to prevent cavities, parents should learn to check their children by combing their hair with a quality lice and nit removal comb. Since combing is usually done after bath time, this is the perfect opportunity to screen.

Screening at home is not only the best prevention but also the most practical method parents can use to assure themselves and their children that they are lice and nit free no matter how often they are exposed to others with lice or what the school or childcare policy may be. The NPA recommends the LiceMeister® Comb as the safe, non-chemical and effective way to detect head lice and nits and remove them even before they can be seen by visual inspection.

So screen often – then if Boss Louse™ hitches a ride home from school with your child, he won’t be around for long!!

View the Boss Louse™ teaching video on how to screen. 


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