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The NPA's No Nit Policy Frequently Asked Questions Sheet Boss LouseTM Campaign Poster
Child Care Provider's Guide 10 Tips or Head Lice & Nit Removal "Kids Know" & "September" Banners
Pharmacist's Guide to Head Lice Why to Provide a Non-Chemical Option Do It 4 The Kids Poster
Jesse's Project Booklet LiceMeister: The Gold Standard "It's About Kids" Poster
Kids At Risk Checklist Headlice Prevention Month
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"We Have A No Nit Policy"
A Notice for Parents 2016-2017 Comb First! Awareness Graphics (for your website)
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10 Steps To Staying Ahead of Lice LiceMeister® Comb How-To Videos
Latest Greatest Coloring Book On Lice©

The Deceptive Dozen: The NPA Offers 12 Important Tips to Help Parents Avoid Misleading Information on Head Lice
How Mary protected her kids from lice and risky chemicals
NPA's No Nit Policy - How Not to be Surprised by Head Lice!
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