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Jan Celebrating 20 Years of Service
The National Pediculosis Association proudly announces its 20th year anniversary
Jan Influences on decisions to prescribe new drugs; The importance of who says what
Prescribing habits heavily influenced by pharmaceutical industry
01/03 Did Your Family Have a Lousy Holiday Vacation?
Sometimes parents get more than they bargained for when they travel over the holidays
01/07 As millions of children return to school this week after the holidays, so will head lice
By Sharon Kirkey - National Post
01/23 Big Dig Unearths Artifacts and Offers a Glimpse Into The Past
Folks have always known that combing is essential
01/29 Nit policy withstands challenge
County schools' lice-rule returns; Students with head lice eggs remain barred
01/29 Drug Companies Greatly Influence Doctors' Prescribing Habits
Study found doctors more likely to rely on information from manufacturers than from independent sources
Feb PJ O'Rourke Talks Lice
Atlantic Monthly contributor sorts through the nonsense in lice advice
02/03 Parents Unite and Say "Give us Back Our No Nit Policy!"
Communities are mobilizing against guidelines to allow children in school with lice and nits
02/04 Toxic Chemical Study Sounds Warning for Children
Report offers evidence that children are more exposed than adults to toxic chemicals
02/18 The Cycle of Poison
Not just bottled water, pesticide residues contaminate our drinking water too
02/19 Findings of a link between Gulf War Syndrome and insecticides
The insecticides and solvents used during the Gulf War included DEET and permethrin
02/20 U.S. Losing War on Cancer, Ignoring Prevention
Cancer Prevention Coalition says more education needed to minimize the risk of contracting the disease
02/25 Potent pesticides turning up in the most unlikely place - on your kid's head
From the CBC investigative news program Disclosure - February 25, 2003
02/27 Potential role of head lice as vectors of Rickettsia prowazekii
Reviewing the evidence of head lice involvement in louse-borne epidemic typhus
Mar Pediculicide Resistance in Head Lice
by Steven Pray, PhD - From Hospital Pharmacy March 2003 Volume 38 Number 3
Mar Two California Bills Guard Children From Toxic Pesticides
Bills Would Ban Hazardous School Pesticides and Wood Preservatives
03/04 U.S. To Adopt Stricter Cancer Guidelines for Kids
Guidelines assume that children are more vulnerable to the effects of certain carcinogens than adults
03/10 Misconduct in Lice Case Puts Professor's Job in Jeopardy
After five long years, Mark M. Hager finally is paying the price for his legal misconduct
03/28 FDA Issues Health Advisory Regarding Labeling Changes for Lindane Products
Labeling changed to inform about the potential risks associated with the use of Lindane
03/28 Public Citizen Criticizes FDA for Failing to Ban Lindane for Treating Lice
Reports of at least 17 deaths and numerous reports of neurologic effects from dizziness to seizures
Apr Three New Reports Reveal Children's Chemical Exposure
Evidence Continues to Mount for School Pesticide Reform
04/01 When Chemical Warfare Against Lice Becomes Chemical Warfare Against Kids
The National Pediculosis Association says FDA's latest warnings fail to protect the public from Lindane
04/24 Pentagon: Don't Send Flea Collars To The Troops!
Can cause dangerous pesticides to be absorbed through the skin
04/24 Tiny Doses Can Be Dangerous
New scientific work shows that extremely low levels of chemicals are more dangerous than we knew
May Head lice and body lice: shared traits invalidate assumptions about distinctions
Louse-borne diseases are reemerging and the belief that only body lice are a health threat is challenged
05/01 Ohio School Nurse Challenges Guidelines For Resistant Lice
Treatment recommendations not necessarily based on scientific and medical evidence
05/08 Report Links Chemicals To Rise In Childhood Cancers
Harmful Chemicals Can Be Found In Household Products
05/20 Conference to Address Corporate Efforts to Manipulate Science, Scientists and Policy
Tactics used by the tobacco industry to manipulate science are also widely used by other industries
05/27 Concerns over lindane treatment for scabies and lice
Lindane has serious neurotoxic effects, ranging from dizziness, headaches, seizures and even death
06/09 Harvard may ease rules on faculty ties to drug firms
Loosening regulations governing financial ties between faculty researchers and private drug companies
06/09 What is 'Properly Treated'?
"If you don't get 'em out, you've still got 'em..."
06/12 Head Lice: update on biology and control - By Anita Bailey
Many lice articles need updating. Without serious medical investigation, head lice advice
has sometimes relied on speculation from a few entomologists.
06/16 Health awareness - at a cost
ost celebrities who raise awareness about health problems are paid by pharmaceutical or health-care companies that, not coincidentally, make money diagnosing or treating the health problem.
06/18 Hit the road, you louse - from
Head lice are constantly on the move according to a detailed Australian study.
06/24 The Strange World of Head Lice Information
Treatment recommendations not necessarily based on scientific and medical evidence
07/10 Be wary of big money, health groups are warned
Corporate funding could skew research - From USA Today
07/17 Treatments for lice can be toxic
Green Living on conventional lice treatments, which contain toxic chemicals, and safer alternatives
07/24 The ancient art of nit-picking
Nits may have been holing up on human heads for far longer than we thought.
Aug The Integrity in Science Database: Scientists' & Non-Profits' Ties to Industry
Information about the corporate ties of scientists, academics, and non-profit organizations
08/07 Say NO To Lice Sprays
Permethrin sprays a health hazard on airplanes, but still sold for children's bedding
08/12 Lindane listed among drugs for which pediatric studies are urgently needed
National Institute of Health reviewing part of the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act
08/19 Potent pesticides turning up in the most unlikely place - on your kid's head
Re-broadcast of the CBC investigative news program Disclosure
08/20 Lice genes date first human clothes
Garments appeared 70,000 years ago, suggests parasite DNA
Sept Head-lice shampoos can be dangerous
from Consumer Reports - September 2003
09/01 September is Head Lice Prevention Month!
The NPA is kicking off its' annual Head Lice Prevention Campaign that continues throughout the year
09/02 Policies: When Lice Attack the Classroom
By John O'Neil From The New York Times
09/07 Consumer Reports warns against some lice treatments
Researcher Nancy Metcalf has a serious caution about two prescription treatments.
09/08 Parents Say No to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
American Journal of Nursing reports confusion among health professionals, while parents refuse to accept American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines that allow children in school with lice and nits.
09/18 Have you changed your No Nit Policy Position?
You'll want to read what this school nurse reported...
09/26 Hair-Raising Facts About Head Lice
Simple steps can keep these bloodsuckers in check
10/01 Response to proposed rule on: Pediculicide Drug Products for Over-the-Counter Human Use; Proposed Amendment of Final Monograph
The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) is providing the following comments in opposition to the use of environmental lice sprays as noted on Page 17 of the Monograph.
10/01 Lice Sprays for Children's Bedding... an Unnecessary Evil
Lice sprays are an easily avoided, unnecessary risk to family health and safety
10/03 Feel lousy? You might have lice
Treatment for head lice may cause more harm than the pests themselves
10/17 Bribery: Still Illegal
Nix paid-off lawyers to drop class action lawsuit over the effectiveness of its head lice product
11/14 Enough to make the blood boil
Seriously hazardous chemicals can be found in the tissue of nearly every person alive.
11/14 Of all the lousy bad luck...
I got a very hesitant phone call, "You should check your kids' heads for lice. They've been exposed."
11/27 Epidemic fear after nitwits ban louse alerts
Epidemic of head lice after schools banned from sending out warning letters about cases of head lice.
12/01 Study Suggests DDT-Breast Cancer Link
Women with breast cancer more likely have residues of the DDT and HCB in their blood
12/03 Evidence in the Treatment of Head Lice: Drowning in a Swamp of Reviews
Lindane and natural pyrethrins were considered to have lacked sufficient efficacy
12/05 Dangerous Prescription
More than a dozen dangerous drugs have been pulled off the market since 1997. Why were they approved in the first place? An investigation of America's drug safety system.
12/14 The lice check seen round the world
Deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein screened for head lice in the medical exam following his capture.
12/19 Low-dose induction of micronuclei by lindane
Environmental contaminants possessing hormonal activity have long been suspected of playing a role in cancer causation
12/27 Scientists Measure Pollution in Humans
Few of the estimated 75,000 chemicals found in the United States have been tested for their health effects. Researchers look directly in the human body to catalogue the environmental influences that may cause disease.


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