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January 3, 2003

Did Your Family Have a Lousy Holiday Vacation?

The All Out Comb Out™Back-to-School campaign isn't just in September. It happens after the holiday break, winter vacation and spring break too! These are important times to be proactive and encourage parents to screen their children so that they are lice and nit free and ready to learn. The NPA encourages everyone to participate... "Because it’s not about lice, it’s about kids.™"

Did Your Family Have a Lousy Holiday Vacation?

BOSTON, January 3 /NPA press release/ --

Sometimes parents get more than they bargained for when they travel to visit friends and relatives over the holidays. Head Lice, an unfortunate part of raising children today, may have returned home along with the happy memories and yellow credit card slips. The National Pediculosis Association (NPA), a non-profit organization (Needham, MA) reminds parents to screen for head lice and their eggs (nits) before their children return to the classroom or to childcare after the holiday vacation. Getting lice "out of your hair" is not so difficult if families are prepared with accurate information and effective tools.

The NPA encourages routine screening, early detection and removal of lice and nits to minimize disruption, save money and, most importantly, protect against unnecessary and direct exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, many of which have no benefit because of lice resistance. The NPA urges a manual and non-chemical approach using the LiceMeister® comb especially for children who have other medical problems or mothers who may be pregnant or nursing.
Children in Broome County, New York have such a community-wide initiative on their behalf thanks to support from the Binghamton New York Rotary, and Broome County United Way. Sandra Saunders, School Nurse Coordinator for the region says that they have been concerned about parents turning repeatedly to chemical treatments in their frustration with chronic infestations. She describes their project as a unified approach with community-wide education in advance of outbreaks along with providing the tools and information on the safest methods.

Broome County's year long project is a model of preparedness. It is therefore no surprise that they see January as one more opportunity to be proactive and emphasize the importance of welcoming children back to school after the holiday vacation lice and nit free and ready to learn.
Free educational downloads and a limited free offer for the NPA's "Critter Card" to help parents accurately identify head lice and nits are available at

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