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The Registry and its reports are needed to identify problems as early as possible. The NPA can then submit its findings and seek appropriate assistance from experts and governmental agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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How to File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commision

FDA Initiates Bad Ad Reporting
Help the FDA make sure prescription advertising and promotion is truthful and not misleading.

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) MedWatch Program
    MedWatch is the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) program for reporting serious reactions and problems with medical products, such as drugs and medical devices.  The medical community and its physicians cannot appreciate the hazards of lindane, lice sprays, and other pesticidal treatment products until adverse reactions and treatment failures are identified and reported. If you have noticed an adverse reaction or a treatment failure, please fill out this form.
    • Adverse Reactions for Lice or Scabies Products
      Any incident where the use of a product is suspected to have resulted in harm to the patient or the person applying treatment. It is NOT necessary to be certain of a cause/effect relationship between the adverse event and the use of the product(s) in question. Suspicion of an association is sufficient.
    • Treatment Failures for Lice or Scabies Products
      Any report regarding the quality, performance, or safety of any product. Product problems include, but are not limited to, such concerns as: questionable effectiveness, therapeutic failures, and confusion (caused by name, labeling, instructions, design or packaging)
    • View Submitted MedWatch Reports
      View some of the FDA MedWatch reports submitted to the NPA by people who have
      reported adverse reactions and product problems associated with their use of head lice and/or scabies treatment products.  The reports are as originally submitted to the NPA's Reporting Registry with personal identifiers removed.
  • Comment Browser
    Comments, messages and personal stories that NPA receives every day via e-mail and this reporting registry.

  • Outbreaks of Lice or Scabies
    Let us know if you believe there is an outbreak in your school, child care center or community. Tell us where and we'll zip some educational info ASAP.
  • Skin Scraping/Collembola Research
  • I am a medical/research professional
  • I have been contacted for help by someone suffering from these or similar symptoms
  • I may be suffering from this condition
  • I am a member of the press/media

  • How to File a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commision

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