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Stacey's Story

My story is much like that of Jesse's.  I worked in our local hospital in 1984.  There had been a patient with scabies that infected much of the floor I worked on.  Although I did not show signs of the infection I was ordered to Kwell (lindane) my entire family; my husband, my 2 year old daughter, and myself.

This was in January.  In March of the same year, she had developed a rash on her belly.  Our family doctor didn't know what it was so he sent us to a dermatologist who said it was scabies.  I told him about the outbreak 2 months earlier.  He believed it had laid dormant in her and that she had caught it from me.  He recommended that all of us use Kwell again.

On April 13 she was hospitalized with "severe anemia and left hip joint pain".  The next day she was transferred to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore where we lived for the next 8 weeks.  It took her a while but she eventually responded to the chemotherapy.  She had several set backs along the way.  Fortunately, Stacey went into remission and has been fine since then.  She is now a healthy college student.

My mother kept telling me back in 1984 that the Kwell had caused her cancer but I didn't pay it much attention.  After reading about Jesse and the other children I'm starting to suspect my mother was right.  It's sad to think how many other children have been affected by problems like this.

 - Chris C.


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