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12/27 National Resources Defense Council Comments (pdf)
Revised Health Risks for Malathion 2005
12/17 Mother Against Lindane - launches web page to get your support to ban lindane in New York
Letters of support are still needed.
11/21 Parents upset over head lice
Repeated outbreaks in schools follow lack of policy standard.
11/21 The Human Louse and Disease
Recent studies support the critical need for preparedness and lice prevention.
11/15 Schools told to meet lice head on
Parents challenge schools, demand policy change.
11/14 Change in Tulsa Public School's Head Lice Policy
Parents don't agree with policy changes. They fight back.
10/13 State school officials consider loosening head lice restriction
Kansas was the state that first introduced us to a No Nit Policy
10/09 Respected Professor recommends thorough combing as the treatment of choice
Strongly warns against chemical treatments and other unproven remedies
10/06 Malathion Risk Assessments Available for Comment
 You may read and comment at this link directly to EPA >>
10/05 CEC seeks public comment on draft action plan for lindane
North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC)
09/23 BOE Picks at Nits
School district finds allowing kids to come to school with nits is a persistent problem
09/07 Parents Urge Schools to Start Year Without Toxic Pesticides
U.S. Senator Introduces Bill To Protect Children from School Pesticide Poisoning
09/01 NPA Sponsors 21st Annual Back-to-School Head Lice Prevention Campaign:
The All Out Comb Out
08/19 Tiny Bugs Wreak Havoc;
Report of Collembola as Human Parasites Supports Recent Research Findings
08/04 Combing for Head Lice
Scientific evidence show's comb most effective.
08/04 Wet combing best to rid head lice
More scientific evidence added to the comb instead of using toxic chemicals.
07/25 Dozens of Chemicals Found in Most Americans' Bodies
More scientific evidence added to the hazards of using toxic chemicals.
Checking for lice at camp for children who have had cancer.
07/15 When it isn't lice or scabies - Radio Interview (larger download)
First in a series: Barbara Glickstein, RN, MPH Producer and Host WBAI Public Radio NYC 
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Download in 4 parts (MP3 format)
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07/13 Cooperative efforts teaching healthy behaviors
Educating lice prevention.
07/06 Reading, Writing and Human Experimentation
Written by a bright high school student.
06/22 Mom, girl burned reportedly in attempt to kill lice
A horrible story.
05/19 An Emerging Health Crisis -- Where's Dr. House When You Need Him?
The National Pediculosis Association (NPA) is contacted by individuals describing the torment and horror of oozing skin lesions, sensations of bugs biting and crawling under their skin and doctors who diagnose it as nothing more than a delusion.
05/10 Targeted For Phaseout
Lice treatment called lindane makes the list.
05/09 New York City Curtails Use of Pesticides
Will doctors still prescribe pesticides for kids with lice?
05/06 Iowa Policy Change
Unfortunate fallout from product marketing gambits continue
05/03 Toxic Consequences: A Mothers Call to Ban Lindane
Mom links son's condition to lindane, a lice treatment, and seeks to ban it.
04/13 Exact cause of rash outbreak still unknown
Local health officials are still puzzled by the number of children with rashes in area schools.
04/08 EPA Cancels Controversial Pesticide Study
The Environmental Protection Agency canceled a controversial study using children to measure the effect of pesticides after Democrats said they would block Senate confirmation of the agency's new head.
03/29 Head Lice make a Guest Appearance on the hit television show 'Desperate Housewives'
The March 28th episode of the popular television show included a subplot on pediculosis.
03/28 Parents Fight Back! Chasing Head Lice with Chemicals is a Losing Proposition for Everyone, ...but the Lice.
Industry sponsored guidelines developed in 2000 to promote sales of pesticide treatments for head lice continue to be used as the basis of allowing lice infested children to remain in the classroom. Parents across the country are fighting back!
03/27 Hidden Toxic Hazards
Like the canary in the coalmine, children are particularly sensitive to poisons in their environment.
03/26 Inmates don't have to live like dogs
A response and support regarding the health issues recently printed about the Elkhart County jail.
03/23 Dispelling the myth that organic pesticides are less harmful
What is important to remember is that a pesticide contains a poison, whether organic or synthetic.
03/22 Testing times for 'killer' chemicals
Why are there so many untested chemicals lurking around us? Since World War II, of the almost 100,000 chemicals produced, less than 5,000 have been tested. Of these, not all have been tested adequately.
03/21 Head lice can beat the shampoos used to get rid of the itchy pests
A study of 2,800 children showed that two-thirds of lice found were not killed by treatments.
03/17 Activists serve up a “Lindane Lunch” in support of elimination of the toxic pesticide
Traditional and common foods known to be contaminated by the toxic pesticide on the menu.
03/10 Health Tip: Steps to Prevent Lice
Anyone can get head lice -- mainly from head-to-head contact or sharing hats, brushes or head rests. But you can take these risk-reducing precautions, courtesy of the National Pediculosis Association.
03/08 Mom rips school's lice policy
She believes there's a lice problem at the school, and she's frustrated about it.
03/07 “Nit Picking” about the Brevard County School Board’s decision?
Not long ago the Brevard County School Board made changes to the “no nit policy.” Teachers and staff are no longer allowed to do standard checks for lice. Nor are they allowed to send someone home or inform the parent of the child with lice until the end of the day.
03/02 Lice Outbreak Hits Schools, Angers Parents
A lice infestation at several elementary schools has angered parents because they didn't hear it first from school officials.
03/02 Lice outbreak ticks off some parents
Louse infestations at several schools has parents complaining that the schools should have told them about the outbreak, but didn't.
03/01 How health care sometimes hurts patients and the environment
The chemicals in pesticides used in conventional treatment for head lice accumulate in the body and build up to toxic levels over time and can also be found in ground water because they are not bio-degradable.
02/28 School's head lice problem
Headmaster said almost all the Year One and Two pupils had lice in their hair due to lack of awareness.
02/17 Health Tip: Steps to Prevent Lice
Anyone can get head lice -- mainly from head-to-head contact or sharing hats, brushes or head rests. But you can take steps to reduce the risks.
02/15 New York State Assembly Re-Introduces Bill to Ban Prescription Pesticide Lindane
Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg re-introduces bill that would prohibit products containing Lindane.
02/09 Head Louse Resistance to Pediculicides: A Growing Menace
Head lice are perfectly evolved human predators. Sales of products for head lice and school-related expenses cost U.S. citizens an estimated $350 million yearly.
02/06 Congenital leukemia after use of permethrin spray during pregnancy
The mother had heavily abused aerosolized permethrin, a widely used household insecticide.
02/05 Making it all better
School nurse dispenses plenty of tender, loving care.
02/04 Head Lice in Schools
Parents have tried all the recommended over-the-counter treatments such as Nix and Rid. They also say they have washed all their linens in hot water, but the condition keeps coming back.
02/03 Doctors accuse drug companies of inventing diseases to sell more prescription drugs
explains that pharmaceutical companies are taking National Health to the brink of collapse by hyping both these 'fictitious' diseases and the assortment of prescription drugs used to treat their symptoms.
02/01 It’s 2005! Why Are We Still Shampooing Children With Pesticides?
Shampooing with pesticides has the potential to damage children in the same manner as these chemicals are designed to damage pests, but pharmaceutical companies invest millions of dollars to convince consumers and health professionals that this is what they should do.
02/01 Many Parents Apply Insect Repellant Incorrectly
More than one third of parents visiting Maryland campgrounds disregard label directions when applying potentially toxic insect repellant to their kids, new research reports.
02/01 A dermatologist's response to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on head lice
One dermatologist addresses the shortcomings of the AAP mandate on head lice. He fears their recommendations will adversely affect how communities handle outbreaks, putting us all at risk of more serious consequences than just itchy scalps.
01/26 Hair-raising facts about lice
Experts say parents shouldn't let panic upend their homes needlessly.
01/12 The ethics of human testing may be decided case by case
EPA may rely on industry tests that expose people to poisons and raise ethical questions.
01/10 Sierra Club withdraws from pesticide hearings in protest
Group contends that Health Canada is stacking the deck in favor of lindane to avoid a potential lawsuit.

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