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  Jesse's Project
Read about Jesse and stories of other kids affected by head lice pesticides
02/05 Our bodies, our landfills? You are what you ate, breathed, drank and more
By Francesca Lyman - MSNBC Health
02/06 Relationships Between Authors of Guidelines and the Pharmaceutical Industry
From the Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 287 No. 5
02/19 The NPA Says Goodbye to a Friend
In Memory of John C. Snyder, M.D.
April Resistant Lice, Alternative Treatments & No-Nit Policies
Putting It All Together - By John Hoffman from
04/01 Over 1000 comments inform the EPA about Lindane Assessment
Risk assessment would be incomplete without the inclusion of the pharmaceutical uses
04/24 Study Finds Pesticides May Spur Disease
By Martin Mittelstaedt - Globe and Mail
May A Comb and Patience Will Win Any Day Over Chemical Brews
From NOW - May 9th-15th, 2002
May Persistent and Bioaccumulative Toxins (PBTs) and Their Effects on Children
PBTs are extremely toxic pollutants associated with effects on the nervous system, reproductive and developmental problems, cancer and genetic impacts
June Report Finds Imprecise Detection a Serious Problem
Report from Australian Infection Control By A. M. Bailey
June Health Standards and Guidelines for Barbering and Hairstyling
Report from Australian Infection Control By A. M. Bailey
July Evidence that Head Lice and Body Lice belong to the same species
From Alberta Health and Wellness
07/16 Non-profit Offers Alternative to Protect Children from Pesticides
NPA Press Release
August Pesticides on Board - What You Need to Know
Some governments require incoming aircraft to be treated with pesticides not approved for use in the U.S.
08/15 Rotary Club Joins Partnership to Fight Head Lice Epidemic In Schools
Press Release from the Broome County Health Department
08/17 Pyrethroids: Not as safe as you think
The fact that they are derived from plants causes some people to think that they are safe.
08/19 NPA's Letter to the FDA
Why chasing resistant lice with more treatments is a bad idea
08/29 The AAP Issues Head Lice Guidelines
American Academy of Pediatrics disappoints many
09/03 American Academy of Pediatrics Misses The Point
From the Philadelphia Inquirer
09/03 Kids With Lice Can Go To School?
School Nurses Say No - From
09/10 Resistant Lice Prove to be a Hairy Problem
By Stephen Smith - Boston Globe
09/20 California Parents Gain Right To Know
Schools required to notify parents in advance of pesticide use
09/22 EPA Opens New 60-day Public Comment Period on Lindane
Make sure your voice is heard before the 11/22/02 deadline!
09/23 Schools Weigh Policy On Lice
By Laurin Sellers - Orlando Sentinel
09/27 Vinegar Fly Gene Confers Pesticide Resistance
Scientists discover a single gene that gives resistance to a wide range of pesticides
09/29 One-third of All Food Contains Toxic Pesticides
Pesticides can damage the nervous system, disrupt hormones and inhibit development
09/30 Arthur Presents: Hooray For Health!
The NPA joins Arthur, WGBH, PBS Television & The Boston's Children's Museum
10/01 US FDA Sends Fewer Warnings on Drug Ads
Regulators have sharply cut the number of warnings for false and misleading advertising
10/01 Senate Told: School Children Inhale Toxics Daily
Senator supports regulation setting standards for indoor air quality of schools
10/02 California teachers at higher risk for breast, endometrial and other cancers
Study of female educators also shows lower rates of lung and cervical cancers
10/05 Scientist wants public to be aware of pesticides
In order to make well-informed decisions about the use of the chemicals
10/07 Helping The NPA Make A Difference
From sponsoring new research to providing earthquake relief
10/18 Australian Researcher Launches New Website
Researching biology, health issues, and disease transmission
10/21 Jesse's Project at the 2002 Academy of Pediatrics Conference
The NPA and Jesse's mom working together to spread the message to pediatricians
10/23 Rising breast cancer rate fuels environmental concerns
Health advocates urge more research on role of pollutants
10/28 The Business of Medical Research
CNN Report: Funding by drug companies can pose problems
10/28 Stronger Breed of Head Lice Survives
By Adam Gorlick, The Associated Press
10/30 Lice shampoos ineffective: researchers
Shampoos created to combat head lice aren't working because of overuse, according to California researchers.
11/11 There are simple, safe and effective alternatives to treat lice
from by Joan Bruder
11/15 Letter to EPA from LA County Sanitation District
Concern about lindane concentrations in surface water from use of lindane shampoos and lotions
11/21 Qualis Has Recalled Pyrethrin Lice Treatment
Active ingredient on the label incorrectly listed as Permethrin
11/22 NPA Submits Comment Document to EPA on Lindane Re-registration
Lindane risks apply both to individuals and the environment
11/27 NRDC Comments to EPA on Lindane Assessment
Identified several problems with the analysis done by the Agency
12/06 Children call for pesticide-free Christmas
12/17 Human Pathogens in Body and Head Lice
Louse-borne diseases have had a dramatic resurgence, diagnosed in many countries including the USA
12/26 Back-To-School happens again in January
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