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Nonprofit Offers Alternative to Protect Children from Pesticides Used to Treat Head Lice; Campaign Based on Child's Death

Developed for Jesse's Project, this kit contains everything you need to manage head lice safely, without panic, and without exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. The Kit contains a LiceMeister
® Comb, instructional video in English and Spanish, Critter Card™, combing cape, detangling comb, hair-separating clips, Boss Louse™ stickers, LiceMeister® Comb cleaning tools, and the NPA's 10 tips for head lice and nit removal. (PRNewsFoto)[AS]
BOSTON, MA USA 07/16/2002

BOSTON, Jul 16, 2002 -- The nonprofit National Pediculosis Association® is reaching out to families with "Jesse's Project" and a non-chemical choice for head lice.

Jesse was a child whose mother treated him for head lice while he was recovering from leukemia. It was when his relapse was attributed to an unknown chemical exposure that Jesse's mother, Teresia Cross, first considered that the treatments she used may have been more than medicated shampoos, realizing that they were pesticides.

"I learned that the chemicals in the treatments could potentially be hurtful to a healthy child, let alone someone who had leukemia, chemotherapy and a transplant," says Mrs. Cross. She warns other mothers of sick or children in recovery. "I want to do whatever I can to help educate parents so that they can make the safest choices possible."

Gina Solomon, MD, MPH, senior scientist for NRDC agrees that people with cancer often worry about environmental exposure to chemicals, pesticides, or other pollutants and says that many of these concerns are justified.

Children are vulnerable to pesticides, and none are more at risk than the growing number of children currently being treated for illnesses such as cancer, brain tumors, epilepsy, asthma, and AIDS.

The NPA's goal is to educate parents in advance of lice outbreaks to promote informed decisions. The NPA is also credited with developing the gold standard in lice and nit removal, a medical device, trademarked as the LiceMeister® comb.

The LiceMeister comb is packaged for Jesse's Project with a teaching video and other helpful tools on how to screen, detect and remove lice and nits.

The NPA urges that there will always be children for whom a non-chemical choice is required. It is vital to help sick children regain good health - but equally important to protect good health once it is obtained.

Proceeds support the NPA's efforts to protect kids and more parents are learning not to panic and to seek safer treatments. Deborah Altschuler, NPA President says our goals are basic. "We can't remove every potentially harmful chemical from a child's life making it imperative to remove those that we can."

Visit the NPA at Read more about Jesse's Project and special offers for the new LiceMeister Lice and Nit Removal Kit.


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