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  The National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
NPA & LACSD receive prestigious national award for their work on lindane reduction
  Parents Know What's Best For Their Kids
Public relations vs. public health
  Over-the-Counter Medications: Toxic Effects and Adverse Reactions
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01/04 HealthCentral's Dr. Dean Edell Speaks About Head Lice
National broadcast sends the right message!
01/11 New Concerns Over Head Lice Treatment
Woman is numb one year later
04/19 NPA's LiceMeister Comb Makes Prime Time on CSI!
20 million viewers get a lesson on lice
05/05 Researchers Debate Nit Removal While Mother Nature Laughs
Another futile attempt using scientific studies to justify children in school with nits
05/17 Some Tips If You Suspect Head Lice
From The Miami Herald
June Last Call For Lindane
From Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 109, Number 6
06/08 Lice To Meet You, Mickey
From the Boston Herald
07/16 Not Necessarily In Your Best Interest
Do your homework... Many "expert panels" are a marketing tool for industry
August Rules Adopted for Reporting Company-Paid Drug Studies
By Gina Kolata - New York Times
09/06 “We Are Bigger Than Head Lice”
The “No Nit Policy” debated with representation from both sides of the issue
09/20 Senators Dianne Feinstein  & Barbara Boxer congratulate the NPA
On the Lindane Usage Reduction Project
11/01 The NPA's efforts to eliminate lindane get a huge boost
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12/01 National Pesticide Competency Guidelines for Medical & Nursing Education
Initiative aimed at ensuring that pesticides issues become integral elements of education and practice of primary care providers
12/03 Chemicals Linked To Chronic Fatigue
From The Sydney Morning Herald - By Julie Robotham


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