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NPA's LiceMeister® Comb Makes Prime Time on CSI!

    NEEDHAM, Mass., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Pediculosis

Association (NPA), proudly announced today that the hit drama CSI (Crime Scene

Investigators), with 20 million loyal viewers, will be putting NPA's

revolutionary LiceMeister(R) comb into forensic action in this Thursday's

nationally televised episode. The NPA is a Massachusetts based nonprofit

organization with a mission to protect children from the potential harm of

chemicals used to treat head lice.

    The writers of CSI found the information and resources they were looking

for at the organization's educational web site  The NPA

works to reach parents in advance of outbreaks keeping them informed, and

helping them control head lice without alarm and without the health risks and

frustrations of ineffective approaches.  Much of the NPA's success is

attributable to its 18 year focus on being the voice of reason.

    Advocates for routine screening as a prudent measure, the NPA encourages

early intervention and manual removal of lice and nits as the safe alternative

to the traditional and often over-zealous chasing of lice with pesticides.

The NPA says that none of the chemical lice products, natural or otherwise -

are 100% effective against lice and nits,  - making thorough removal vital.

Family physicians Jonathan Sheldon, MD and Heather Sowell, MD of Englewood,

Colorado takes it  further by autoclaving the combs in the office and using

them for diagnostic purposes.   The comb can be used for scalp problems other

than head lice or what might not otherwise be revealed in a visual exam.  The

comb collects what you can't see and its "teeth" can be put under a microscope

or even cultured for more information.

    Bethania Tavarez, NPA's Director of Development, says this has been a

banner year for the NPA's mission to raise public health standards regarding

head lice.  Much has happened to further the cause including California's ban

of the most toxic chemical for head lice known as lindane.  Our free Critter

Card offer, thanks to proceeds from the comb, has been an overwhelming

educational success! We have a new bilingual web site and the LiceMeister comb

is now being distributed via NPA's new International Coalition in 9 other

countries.  All of this is huge progress not to mention NPA's donating

thousands of LiceMeister combs to other charitable agencies and sponsoring new

research in lice biology.

    While there is always more work to be done, you can visit the NPA's

website to see how and where to get the LiceMeister comb as well as to see

that the NPA doesn't take itself so seriously that it doesn't get to have some

fun with the issues too.   No matter what, you can bet that everyone at the

NPA will be having a great time watching CSI this Thursday night immediately

following Survivor.  It'd be a crime to miss it!

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