HeadLice.Org Hot Spots
  An Act Protecting Children and Families from Harmful Pesticides
Massachusetts Lawmakers Work to Prevent Children's Exposure to Chemical Pesticides
  Express Telegram from Warner-Lambert Indicates Use of Nix® Prophylactically
School Nurse states her position
01/04 U.S. Senator's report on pesticidal exposures to children
Study finds parents know little about pesticide use in schools and health risks to children
February Consumer Reports Update on Lice Remedies
Recommendations from a credible source
02/01 The Science of Pesticide Resistance
NPA supported study published in prestigious science journal
March Defining individual susceptibility to environmental exposures
The large diversity in responsiveness among individuals to environmental toxicants makes it difficult to determine actual risks, particularly at the low doses to which most people are exposed.
03/13 Medical Device Keeps Lice Out of Everyone's Hair
The chemical approach to head lice has failed
April Unintended Casualties
Five Children Whose Lives Were Profoundly Affected by Pesticide Exposures at School
04/06 Lice Resistance To Common Treatments
By Theresa Defino - WebMD Medical News
04/11 Warning Consumers About Deceptive Lice Treatment Claims
Federal Trade Commission to monitor advertising to ensure against deceptive practices
04/18 To Your Online Health
Two thumbs up for HeadLice.Org!
04/18 Diagnosing Chemical Injuries
Study provides markers in the diagnosis of chemically induced disorders
06/06 Collateral Effects of Lindane In Children With Pediculosis
From the Pedro Kourí Tropical Medicine Institute
06/21 You Light Up My Lice
Shampoo illuminates nits, but incites criticism
August Fatal Asthma In a Child After Use of a Pyrethrin Shampoo
By Sheldon L. Wagner - Dept. of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Oregon State University Corvallis
08/12 "Bug Busting" & Malathion
Study flawed by use of ineffective comb
08/18 Head Lice Checks Prevent Discomfort & Annoyance
by Kim Stephens & Jolene Talmer - The Ottawa Citizen
09/01 Treatment for Lice Leaves Girl Burned
Fumes Ignite After Child is Doused with Gasoline
09/05 Fighting Lindane Pollution
Bill signed by California Governor bans lindane use for lice & scabies
09/14 Lice Medication May Do More Harm Than Good
By Theresa Defino - WebMD Medical News
09/21 A Heady Battle - Comb May Be A Parent's Best Weapon
by Ann Scholl Boyer - Iowa Gazette
Winter Pesticides: The Real Pests?
By Amanda Presley from
10/04 Troublesome inconsistencies in the regulation of pyrethrin-based shampoos
Report of fatal asthma after use of shampoo raises matters that bear further clarification
10/05 Topical Lindane Confused With Oral Prescriptions
From Practitioners' Reporting News
11/11 Combing Detects Head Lice Better Than Scalp Inspection
British Medical Journal offers scientific proof that combing is the best detection method
December California Advocates Statewide Head Lice Control Guidelines
Removal of lice and their eggs is the most important measure


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