HeadLice.Org Hot Spots
04/04 Californians say enuf' is enuf'!
Consumer class action filed by San Francisco attorney


Suspected Link Between Head Lice Treatments & Mad Cow Disease
From The Lancet Volume 353, Number 9162
Summer Combs, Not Lotions, May Be Best Treatment for Head Lice
By Dr. Joseph Mercola - Optimal Wellness Center
08/02 New Data will Help Ensure Protection of Children
To increase protections for infants and children, EPA is requiring registrants of
pesticides to conduct neurotoxicity studies.
08/04 Thorough Combing Emerging as Treatment of Choice
Resistance and toxicity are non-issues with mechanical removal
08/15 Parents urged to take up combs, take care with shampoos
By Michelle Miller - The St. Petersburg Times
September Double Resistance to Permethrin and Malathion in U.K.
Confirmation of parent observations published in British Journal of Dermatology
09/09 Pfizer Agrees To Alter Its Advertising of Lice Products
New York Attorney General Raised Numerous Health and Safety Concerns


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