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Lice & Scabies Treatments Winning The Lice Wars Lice & Disease
  LiceMeister ® Comb
Recommended in published comparative study.
  All Out Comb Out!
The NPA is calling for an All Out Comb Out for its annual Head Lice Prevention Campaign...
  The NPA's Ten Tips for Head Lice & Nit Removal
'Cuz if you don't get 'em out you've still got 'em!
  The No Nit Policy
A Healthy Standard for Children and their Families
  10 Steps To Staying Ahead of Lice
Helpful tips on safely dealing with lice and staying lice free
  You Have A Choice!
The Importance of Providing a Non-Chemical Option
  The Child Care Provider's Guide To Controlling Head Lice
Lice management guidelines for child care providers
  Pharmacist's Guide To Controlling Head Lice
How pharmacists can help their communities battle head lice
  "Don't Let Your Child Become an Egghead"
10 Steps to Help Keep Head Lice and Their Eggs Out of Your Child's Hair
  Need Help With Screening & Combing?
Check out the new Boss Louse™ Instructional Video!
  The Strange World of Head Lice Information
Screening works best to find cases of head lice and to teach about this age old health problem
  The Integrity in Science Database: Scientists' & Non-Profits' Ties to Industry
Information about the corporate ties of scientists, academics, and non-profit organizations
Head Lice & The Hospital
Lice screening and admission procedures
  Be Sure To Provide a Non-Chemical Choice For Children, Families, and Yourself!
Children of any age or size are vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides


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