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Lice at Morton School

By Jessica Wheeler
October 31 2007;  HOI 19 Online

MORTON -- A concerned parent contacted HOI 19 Wednesday- saying a Morton elementary school has had a lice problem for nearly two months and wondering what the district is doing to stop it.

We contacted the Morton School District and the superintendent confirmed that Lettie Brown School did have at least 20 cases of head lice over the last several weeks.

He says kids are not in school for the rest of this week due to parent-teacher conferences.

And a letter has been sent to parents advising them of the problem and what the school is doing to stop it.

He says when classes resume on Monday all kids at the school will be screened for lice.

The Tazewell County Health Department has some tips to help keep your kids lice free.

"Remind children not to share hats, not to share combs, and at this time of year that what those things- hats and coats are all coming out, so we do suggest that children put their hats and their coats in the book bags or if garbage bags are available at school that they can hang them and they are separated from everyone else," said Sara Sparkman with the Tazewell County Health Department.

Also- if your child had lice they should not return to school until all the nits or eggs are gone- because that will only keep the cycle going.