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Parents say head lice cases continue

March 11, 2007;  NWI.com

BLOOM TOWNSHIP | A couple of Sandridge Elementary District 172 parents recently voiced concerns about cases of head lice cropping up again at school.

Becky Pisano said she is not sure what procedures are being followed but suggests all students be checked, at least once, to help stem the spread of the bugs.

"If you need some help," she offered, "I'm your girl."

Another parent said her daughter has gotten head lice again and wants every student in her classroom checked for lice.

Pisano and her husband Kevin, who is now a candidate for the School Board, have pressed the board and administration to make sure students' heads are checked and that those with lice are not allowed back at school until they have been treated and rechecked.

The Pisanos say they have spent more than $2,000 to treat their daughters' recurring head lice this past year.

Sandridge Principal Leroy Coleman has said if a parent calls the school to let officials know his or her child has lice, or if a teacher sees a child scratching his or her head, students in that classroom have their heads checked by the school secretary.

If lice are found on a child's head, a parent or guardian is contacted, the student is sent home with the parent or guardian, and they are told the child cannot return until the lice are gone, he said.

Coleman also maintains the child is re-checked before being sent to class.

However, the Pisanos and other parents claim children are not checked when they come back to school after being treated for lice.