Mums in punch-up over head lice

16 March 2006 -
Two mothers had a fist fight at a school, after a playground argument about head lice.

The punch-up happened at St Vincent's School on Tuesday afternoon, after one child accused another of having head lice.

Police have confirmed they are now investigating a complaint of common assault against one of the parents.

Patricia Young claims the school phoned her on Tuesday to say a parent had shouted at her daughter in the playground.

She said: "Apparently my daughter had said to her daughter that she didn't want to play with her because she had head lice.

"I don't think it is appropriate for any adult to shout at a child so I said I wanted to talk to her."

But the argument at the school in Burnside Road, Dagenham, got so heated, a van-load of police officers was sent to the scene and shocked youngsters and parents looked on as it spilled over into violence.

Mrs Young said: "The police were walking towards us laughing.

"One of them said: 'Is this the fight about the head lice?' I didn't think it was funny. There was blood pouring from my nose."

She added: "I wasn't fighting her. After she hit me, I went for another lady who got involved. Me and my daughter are the victims here."

A police spokesman said: "It appears the mums took umbrage and met in the playground at the end of the day, despite the fact the school appears to have done its best to resolve the issue.