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W. Steven PrayW. Steven Pray is Bernhardt Professor of Nonprescription Products and Devices at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where he has taught the required course in nonprescription products for almost three decades. He has been an innovator in emphasizing the role of the pharmacist in patient triage with regard to self-care decisions for minor medical conditions. Students selected Dr. Pray as the Teacher of the Year in 1995, 1998, and 1999, and he was awarded the Bernhardt Professorship in 2002 for accomplishments in scholarship, teaching, and service.

He has published more than 220 articles in pharmacy, medical, and dental hygiene journals. His peer-reviewed column, "Consult Your Pharmacist," has appeared regularly in U.S. Pharmacist since 1988.

W. Steven Pray, Professor of Non-Prescription Products and Devices at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, has written about resistant lice,
the inadequacies of a chemical approach to controlling them, and the lack of safeguards for 'alternative' products.

One of his published articles can be found here: Head Lice: Perfectly Adapted Human Predators, from the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Professor Pray recommends thorough combing as the treatment of choice and strongly warns against chemical treatments and other unproven remedies.


The second edition of his book "Nonprescription
Product Therapeutics" is available through
Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.




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