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Head lice can now beat some shampoos which you put
on to get rid of the itchy pests, researchers have warned

Head lice

A study of 2,800 children in Wales showed that two thirds of lice found were not killed by treatments which contain a chemical called pyrethroid.

One of the experts said: "That means the lotion doesn't work as well and you don't clear the infection."

The researchers suggested parents ask chemists for the best treatments, to make sure kids don't itch for too long.


Most children get head lice at some point, and you're most
likely to catch it at school.

Head lice
Head lice
  • Only found on humans

  • Their eggs are called nits

  • Nits take a week to hatch

Lice don't hop or jump like some people think - they are spread when people's heads touch each other.

There are various different head lice treatments - these experts recommend that parents use ones based on a chemical called malathion, rather than the ones based on pyrethroid.

When lice break out at a school, teachers normally send a letter home to parents telling them to use the treatments on their kids.

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