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CAP applauds Montreal on pesticides by-law

MONTREAL, March 15 2004 - The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP) congratulates Mr. Alan DeSousa and the Executive Committee of Montreal for voting positively on a bylaw on pesticides for the city and looks forward to the implementation of the bylaw in 2004.

"This historic move shows political courage and long term vision in favour of sustainable development. It is one of the most severe by-laws in North America and will go a long way in protecting the health and well being of all Montrealers, especially our children" says Michel Gaudet, President of CAP. "Since this is a health issue, I urge all the Boroughs of Montreal to implement the bylaw for this year, i.e., May 2004"

Mrs. Edith Smeesters, Biologist and Spokesperson for CAP adds "There is much work to be done on education, and we are ready to help the City of Montreal. For many years now, several Boroughs have already had very strict bylaws for restricting the use of pesticides. It is very necessary that the other Boroughs start a campaign of education as soon as possible." She also remarks that "Children are 30% of our population but represent 100% of our future. We have to protect them from all toxic substances, especially those that are utilized for purely esthetic purposes!"

Several members of CAP suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities and allergies, and are victims of cancer or other illnesses related to environmental factors. They sincerely thank Mr. Alan DeSousa and the Executive Committee of Montreal for the health benefits in terms of prevention that this bylaw will bring.

For the past four years, CAP has devoted its services towards the promotion of alternatives to pesticides, has proposed secure alternatives to safeguard health and the environment and has worked with other groups to help the public at large, mainly the municipalities to make a great ecological turn around. CAP offers diverse services to support this responsible change.

If Montrealers are well informed, CAP believes that they will be ready for this progressive change. There are low impact pesticide products on the market. However, to be ecological, it is not enough just to change a product. In the Urban milieu, landscaping practices and expectations have to be modified. Several companies already offer ecological services. In order to ensure sustainable environmental management, it is necessary to verify that these practices correspond well to the company's publicity. It is necessary to help other lawn care enterprises to effectively convert towards ecological practices.

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