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Conference on Health and Environment in Montreal

Doctors Groups call for Precautionary Principle and to aggressively limit childrens exposure to hazardous chemicals

The Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP) Quebec, is proud to present Pesticides in our Bodies / A Toxic Legacy a health and environment conference organized along with the Allergy and Environmental Health Association of Quebec (AEHAQ) and Nature Action Quebec. 

This conference will be held on Monday, October 18, 2004, at McGill University, The McIntyre Medical Building, 6th floor, Robert Palmer Howard Amphitheatre, 3655 Drummond Street, Montreal. The registration and booth visits will be held from 5:00 6:30 pm. The conference will be held from 6:30 10:00 pm.

Opening of the conference will be by Mr. Jean-Pierre Soucy, Member of the National Assembly, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of the Environment. The Chairman of the conference is Dr. Pierre Auger, MD Msc FRCPC Hematology, Occupational Medicine, Public Health Quebec, Environment.

Experts in the field will speak on body burden, prevention, care and alternatives. The list of speakers is below.

Important quotations:

With reference to the conference:

The members of the Quebec College of Family Physicians are very concerned by the impact of the environment on our health and its current deterioration is disturbing. Pesticides seem to have a negative impact on our health and increase the risk of cancer. Even though we do not have all the scientific evidence, we feel that the principle of precaution should prevail in this area. Dr Harold Dion, Chair of the Board, Quebec College of Family Physicians.

With reference to the study by the National Institute of Health Quebec, on the body contamination of children in Quebec:

"Quebec has already moved far ahead of Canada as a whole in taking the issue of environmental contamination seriously; this study is the latest step in that process. It sends a signal to regulators everywhere to stop being intimidated by industry propaganda, threats and lobbying pressures, and to begin aggressively limiting exposure of their citizens -- and most particularly children -- to hazardous chemicals." Dr. Warren Bell, President, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE).

On environmental illness caused by pesticide and chemical injury and environmental contaminants:

I congratulate the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP) for the organizing this conference, and even more because they have started a new organization the Allergy and Environmental Health Association of Quebec (AEHAQ). For over 20 years, I have seen hundreds of patients from all walks of life (rich, poor, young, old, manual labor, professionals, etc) come to my office with environmental illness and I could not offer them any treatment. I hope that this new organization will carry out the much needed political pressure, so that we can look after this sickness adequately which will include favoring research to find the cause and the treatment for this illness and to bring support to those with environmental illness. Furthermore, to allow for people with environmental illness to be a full part of society - as all handicapped individuals can expect from a society that is just and fair. Dr. Pierre Auger, MD Msc FRCPC Hematology, Occupational Medicine, Public Health Quebec, Environment.

It is heartening to note that important groups in Quebec and Canada are supporting and endorsing this conference. There is no doubt that the time has come for change towards responsible legislation and government, so that the public is equally and adequately protected at all times. Focusing on education, prevention and care, I have no doubt that this conference will make its mark in Quebec. Michel Gaudet, President, Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP) Quebec

We hope that this conference will have a major impact on the domain of health in Québec in terms of information, education, alternatives to toxins and prevention; and that the grave impact of pesticides on human health is better understood. People must be aware that the use of pesticides is not only an environmental problem, but that it also affects us and our children. This is a question of public health and our governments, without delay, must enact responsible legislation for positive change." Edith Smeesters, spokesperson for the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (CAP) Quebec

It is time for Quebec to take care of those who have been injured by the widespread use of chemicals in our environment. This conference must pave the way towards that goal. Rohini Peris, Vice President, the Allergy and Environmental Health Association of Quebec (AEHAQ)

The list of speakers is as follows:

Keynote Speaker:

  • JOHN LASETER, Ph.D, CEO and Laboratory Director of Accu-Chem Laboratories, USA.

Panel of Speakers:

  • SOPHIE DAHAN, Ph.D, Senior Scientist and Program Leader, Cell & Molecular Biology, Montreal.
  • ONIL SAMUEL and MATHIEU VALCKE, toxicologists, Human Toxicology, National Institute of Public Health Quebec.
  • JENNIFER ARMSTRONG, MD - Environmental Health Centre, Ottawa.
  • LYNN MARSHALL, MD FAAEM FRSM - Medical Director, Environmental Health Clinic Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto.
  • ALAN DeSOUSA, C.A. - Member of the City of Montreal Executive Committee, for Sustainable and Economic Development, Mayor of the Saint-Laurent Borough of Montreal


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