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Public Relations vs Public Health


The escalating industry-driven public relation’s campaign to abandon the No Nit Policy promises to keep your community’s management of head lice in a crisis mentality. Their strategy is first to misrepresent the policy by focusing on children's dismissal from school. Secondly they attempt to minimize head lice as a medical issue which in turn fosters complacency giving the louse the competitive edge. If indeed head lice were "just a nuisance" as they would like everyone to believe, then they need to stop promoting pesticide shampoos over a prevention standard that is prudent and practical. 

Parents like yourselves do not need triple blind scientific studies to know that you want lice and nits removed from your child’s hair. You just need help, truth and safe effective tools! The NPA is a non-profit agency dedicated to protecting children from any unnecessary and potentially harmful exposure to pesticides designed to kill lice. 

Do not seek quick fixes for they will make for long frustrating struggles that put your family’s health at risk. Take the time to read the NPA’s No Nit Policy thoroughly. You will soon understand why industry hates it and why parents need it and must fight for it. The politics of lice are about profits and financial rewards, neither of which have anything to do with your family’s good health.


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