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The recent paper published in Pediatrics (Vol. 107 No. 5 May 2001, pp. 1011-1015) is another exercise in futility attempting to use scientific studies to justify children in school with nits -- where emphasis and resources could have been better spent.

Parents do not need permission from scientific studies to know the importance of removing lice eggs from their children's hair. What parents and communities need is cooperation, and sometimes help.

With abandonment for the recent study in the BMJ (2000;321:1184-1188) regarding the inadequacies of visual lice hunting, the conclusion of the Pediatrics report casts aspersions on No Nit Policies as though they are all the same which they are not (read NPA's No Nit Policy). Moreover, it fails to emphasize the most important point -- "Children who had received treatment in the previous year had been treated an average of 4.3 times (range 1-15) during the year."

Einstein reminded us that nothing was so complicated that it couldn't be stated simply:


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