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By Susan Coburn
Greenwich Times/Stamford Advocate
April 18, 2000 - p. B1

The best treatment for head lice infestation is prevention.  Good hygiene and frequent examination by the school nurse and parents during outbreaks and the prime infestation seasons of fall and spring are excellent precautionary measures.

Unfortunately, playing on parents’ concerns at discovering head lice on their children, deceptive advertising is rampant among lice treatment products.  Last week, the Federal Trade Commission warned parents to exercise caution after a “surf” of 28 Internet sites advertising head lice treatment products uncovered numerous misleading claims.

HeadLice.Org, the website of the National Pediculosis Association (a non-profit agency), provides a thorough array of materials and sound advice on dealing with head lice, underscored by credible sources and facts.  As NPA’s President, Deborah Altschuler, explains, “there’s always someone out there who’s been through head lice, and before you know it, they’re selling their grandmother’s potions.”  The objective of HeadLice.Org is to dispel many of these false notions and offer proven, and often safer, methods of treating and preventing infestations of head lice.

You won’t find any flashing advertisements and endorsements on HeadLice.Org.  The uncluttered home page provides a useful tour of the site’s contents, including links to current lice and scabies news, a list of frequently asked questions on prevention and treatment of head lice, a catalog of helpful handouts and resources, a special kids section, and a guest book to receive further information.

According to Altschuler, many of the site’s visitors are in search of a picture of a louse, up close and personal.  Click on the FAQs link from the site’s home page to find a “family album” of the creatures, including a nit (egg), a nymph (newborn), and an adult louse.  Other useful features of the FAQs section include handy tips on treatments, including those that do and don’t work, and a knowledgeable discussion on the perceived safety of over-the-counter products that claim “100% effectiveness” (but aren’t).

In the special section of the site geared toward kids, your child will find hands-on activities that are entertaining as well as educational.  HeadLice.Org offers quizzes, an animation show, poems, and books to help kids deal with the confusion and potential embarrassment following a diagnosis of head lice.  Plans are also in the works to add more interactive features to this portion of the website.

HeadLice.Org is updated as often as new information is cleared for validity and reliability.  For funding, the site depends on sales of its LiceMeister comb for nit and lice removal.

Whether or not you’re currently in the market for a head lice product, bookmark this winning site.  You’ll be glad you did when you’re in the unenviable situation of having to get rid of those pesky creatures.



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