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"Express Telegram" from Warner-Lambert
Indicates Use of Nix® Prophylactically

Have you heard about the letter from Warner Lambert, makers of Nix®, targeted to Healthcare Professionals, indicating that prophylactic use of the product was recommended for "institutional use when 20% of the population was infested?" Well, you can bet we have. Here's a sample of what we're hearing:

Patty Mancuso, RN, PHN,
from Redding, CA.

eloquently stated her position to Warner-Lambert:

"Schools are currently dealing with an overwhelming number of families who have reported failure of currently available treatments for head lice. Many families have used all of the remedies for head lice a number of times, sometimes repeating treatment on a daily basis, only to find live lice after treatment. Some parents are resorting to dangerous alternatives.

"In previous telephone conversations to your company, it was acknowledged that there is a suspected resistance to NIX and that your company was addressing this issue ... Your letter will be detrimental in our efforts to deliver consistent up to date information being given to parents from Healthcare Professionals. How can we recommend that families use NIX prophylactically when we strongly suspect resistance?

"... My primary concern is for the 'prophylactic use during head lice epidemics.' ... This prophylactic use would expose children to an ineffective dose of more pesticide. Many of our children are already repeatedly exposed to numerous ineffective treatments.

"I will continue to question parents about what treatments they have already tried. If they have tried Nix® as well as other products, and they have failed, I will strongly recommend that they resort to manual removal of live lice as well as all eggs. I cannot continue to recommend a product that is suspected of being ineffective."


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