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Bill Signed By California Governor Bans Lindane Use For Lice & Scabies


California’s Governor Gray Davis Bans Lindane September 5, 2000!

California Governor Gray Davis (D) signed Assemblyman Alan Lowenthal's Bill AB 2318 - Lindane (Chapter number 326), which bans the sale and use of the chemical lindane for treating people for lice and scabies.

The NPA calls this a monumental achievement for public health, pointing out that the benefits of protecting the citizens of California from direct exposure to gammahexachlorocyclohexane -- a known carcinogen and neurotoxin are enormous. The legislative branch of government has demonstrated that there is more than one way to remove an outdated and seriously harmful chemical from the pharmacoepia. Still approved for human use by the US Food and Drug Administration, Consumers Union (1981), the National Pediculosis Association (1983) and Public Citizen (1983) petitioned the FDA to ban lindane in the early 80's.

Since 1983, the National Pediculosis Association has continuously worked to educate the public and health professionals to avoid lindane because of its potentially harmful toxicity to children and their families. It was with LA Sanitation District's documentation of excessive amounts of lindane in Los Angeles County’s water supply, that the serious nature of this chemical was brought to the forefront and responsibly addressed.

This is a proud day for the state of California!

Visit the Los Angeles County Sanitation District's website and view their educational video below.

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