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"NPA's No Nit Policy - How Not to be Surprised by Head Lice!"

"How Mary protected her kids from lice and risky chemicals"

Featured Video: How to Use the Licemeister® Comb - English

Featured Video: How to Use the Licemeister® Comb - Spanish

The Head Louse is a Careful Mother

Our Chemical Lives

NPA seminar at Harvard on unusual reports to the NPA Reporting Registry


All Out Comb Out™ Video

Boss Louse™ Educational Video on Head Lice (English)

Boss Louse™ Video Educational Video on Head Lice (Spanish)

WCVB Ch5 Report on American Academy of Pediatric's (AAP) Guidelines on Head Lice and Nurses who want to Keep their No Nit Policy

LiceMeister® Comb featured on CSI

L.A. County Sanitation Video on Lindane

Good Morning America Report on lindane and Santiago child's lawsuit

'Disclosure' news report on lindane, dirty dozen, environmental pollutants and head lice

Dr. Dean Edell Speaks about Head Lice

Boss Louse's Greeting

Boss Louse & The All Out Comb Out

Behind the Scenes with Boss Louse

Boss Louse Sings Happy Birthday

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