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September, 1992

Report to the Department of Defense - Armed Forces Pest Management Board

Deborah Z. Altschuler

"The Medical Entomology Committee concluded that, based on the literature reviewed, the head louse can potentially serve as a secondary vector of normal louse-borne diseases, particularly epidemic typhus and louse-borne fever."

Herbert T. Bolton, CAPT, MSC, USN, Executive Director Department of Defense Armed Forces Pest Management Board.

Entire Report and Supporting Documentation:

  • Introduction.
  • Pediculicide Performance, Profit, and the Public Health.
  • Entire report and supporting documents are available. (Note: 200MB zip file).

    Zip file also contains articles or excerpts from:

    • The Louse: An Account of the Lice which Infest Man, their Medical Importance and Control - Patrick A. Buxton.
    • Pyrethrins Combined With Piperonyl Butoxide (RID) vs 1% Permethrin (NIX) in the Treatment of Head Lice - Deborah Stier Carson, PharmD; Pamela W. Tribble, BS Pharm; C. Wayne Weart, PharmD
    • Louse-Borne Diseases of Saudi Arabia - Defense Pest Management Information Anaylis Center.
    • "Pharmacotherapy of Head Lice in Children" - Marcia Sanford-Driscoll, Pharm D.
    • Pediculosis Capitis among Primary Schoolchildren in Urban and Rural Areas of Kwara State, Nigeria - Ehigie Ebomoyi
    • Pediculosis - Elgart ML
    • "Borrelia: Strains, Vectors, Human and Animal Borreliosis" - Oscar Felsenfeld, M.Sc., M.D.
    • Endemic Typhus Fever in the Philippine Islands - George B. Foster, JR., M.D.
    • Lousiness and Lice Control - Jakob A. Gaon.
    • Entomological Investigations in Relation to Tropical Typhus in Malaya - B. A. R. Gater.
    • Rickettsial Diseases of Southern Africa - J. H. S. Gear.
    • Head Lice: Control and Nit Removal - Eugene J. Gerberg.
    • The Nuisance Diseases: Pediculosis and Scabies - Dennis D. Juranek.
    • The Sucking Lice of North America - Ke Chung Kim, Harry D. Pratt, Chester J. Stojanovich.
    • The Appreciation of Lice - J. W. Maunder.
    • The Louse in Relation to Typhus Fever - Melville D. Mackenzie, M.D., D.P.H., D.T.M.
    • Virulence of Rickettsia Prowazeki for Head Lice - E. S. Murray and S. B. Torrey.
    • Recherches Experimentales sur le Typhus Exanthematique - M. Charles Nicolle.
    • The Part Played by Pediculus Humanus in the Causation of Disease - George H. F. Nuttall, F.R.S.
    • The Epidemiology of Human Pediculosis in Ethiopia - L. Lance Sholdt, Marvin L. Holloway, W. Don Fronk.
    • Epidemiology of Pediculosis Capitis - Gerald F. Slonka.
    • Epidemic Typhus Fever in Yugoslavia and Russia - John C. Snyder M.D.
    • Typhus Fever With Particular Reference to the Serbian Epidemic - Richard P. Strong, M.D., Hans Zinsser, M.D.
    • Der Fleckfiebererreger in der Laus - Von Stabsarzt Dr. H. Topfer.
    • Progresses in ecology and epidemiology of rickettsioses - F. Weyer.
    • Typhus Verdict in American History - Theodore E. Woodward, M.D.
    • Rats, Lice and History - Hans Zinsser.


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