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The National Pediculosis Association Advocates "Precaution, Preparedness & Peace of Mind" for National Head Lice Prevention Month

Responding to the overwhelming and increasing amount of misinformation available online, the NPA prepares parents, teachers, and children to deal with head lice and nits using safe methods and educational resources


Newton, Mass., Aug 11, 2009 – The National Pediculosis Association [NPA] announces its 2009-2010 Back to School Campaign “Precaution, Preparedness & Peace of Mind” to further equip parents, teachers, and children with educational resources available through their Web site, www.headlice.org. The NPA continues to provide clear and safe information to protect against the misinformation that is proliferated online, and respond to the tragic reality that our children’s health and safety is being put at risk by unnecessary exposures to pesticides.

“We must empower everyone with clear and up-to-date information so they make informed decisions,” says Deborah Altschuler, president and co-founder of the NPA. “There is no need to panic and subject children to harmful chemicals with life-threatening side effects.”

Now in its 26th year, the NPA is the leading voice of head lice prevention. The NPA promotes:

  • routine screening
  • early detection
  • thorough removal of head lice and nits without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides.

As parents and children prepare for the 2009-2010 academic school year, the NPA strongly advocates for the early screening of head lice and nits with safe and healthy tools demonstrated to keep children nit and anxiety free. Through their Web site, www.headlice.org, parents, teachers, children, and other concerned adults have access to the news, the science, tools, and downloads designed to embody and support the message for "Precaution, Preparedness & Peace of Mind".

“For most of us the thought of pesticides on our fruits and vegetables is unacceptable. Yet, putting pesticides on our children has become acceptable. This makes no sense,” says Altschuler. “We want parents to know they have options, feel confident about their decisions, and be careful about the information they take off of the internet. NPA is here to help.”

“The NPA presents data in a methodical and thoughtful manner,” adds David R. Brown, Sc.D., a public health toxicologist and 25-year supporter of the NPA. “They were the first to take on head lice issues, and you can trust what they’re saying to be accurate.”


About The National Pediculosis Association
Founded in 1983, The National Pediculosis Association®, Inc. (NPA) is the only non-profit health and education agency dedicated to protecting children from the misuse and abuse of potentially harmful lice and scabies pesticide treatments. The NPA works to encourage the nation's health and child care professionals to adopt standardized head lice management programs in an effort to keep children in school lice and nit free. For additional information, please visit www.headlice.org.

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