LiceMiester Comb
  The LiceMeister Comb Facts and Features
  • Unlike other combs, the LiceMeister maintains 100% integrity after boiling
  • It is the only comb with a permanently sealed handle
  • Highly polished, precision spaced, stainless steel teeth are permanently locked into the sturdy plastic handle
  • Smooth handle design with no jagged edges or points to snag while combing dry, wet or damp hair
  • The back-to-basics approach. No gimmicks like fluorescent lights and electric shocks
  • The first and only comb to meet the NPA's quality standards and receive the NPA's endorsement
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Provides a safe and effective non-chemical treatment alternative for "kids at risk" and others choosing to avoid pesticides
  • Prevents unnecessary and direct exposures to ineffective and potentially harmful pesticides
  • An earth-friendly alternative to address increasing concerns over lice treatments polluting our environment and water supplies
  • Provides the rational solution to resistant lice
  • The only brand name that does not promote pesticides, other chemicals, sprays, lotions, repellents or unproven concoctions
  • Enables regular screening and early detection in addition to thorough removal of lice and nits
  • The cost-effective, reusable tool for the entire family fully guaranteed to last through the school-aged years.  Parents can remove lice and nits from their kids and themselves
  • The comb is backed by the NPA's nationally recognized telephone, e-mail and website support
  • The NPA is a non-profit organization independent of lice treatment manufacturers.  Proceeds from the LiceMeister comb, kit and educational resources support its programs of outreach, prevention and research
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