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How Mary Protected Her Kids from Lice and Risky Chemicals

Newton, MA (PRWEB) September 01, 2015

The NPA has a new educational video for September’s 30th annual National Head Lice Prevention Month campaign. It was created for parents as a reminder that children are especially vulnerable to pediculosis and the risks of chemical treatments designed to kill head lice. The American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Children’s exposures to pesticides should be limited as much as possible.”

During this opportune back-to-school season when so many group activities begin again, the NPA recommends the safe alternative of combing to protect children. In this new video, Mary, mother of three, was left to figure it out on her own when the letter she received from school gave her no warning that lice killing treatment chemicals are actually pesticides.

The National Pediculosis Association is aware of the scientifically unfounded and deceptive information parents can receive via media articles or various school lice policies. Too many articles are about lice without regard for children.

Parents need to be the first to know when their children are infested and how to protect the family from unnecessary risky pesticide treatments. They need to have the proper combing tools available in order to send their children to school free of lice and nits. Detection combing is close to 4 times more effective than visual inspections for finding lice in the hair and combing as a manual removal method will assure that there won’t be lice eggs left behind to hatch new lice.

Parents can use screening as an ongoing healthy hygiene measure – not just something to do when you hear of another infested child. Knowledgeable and well-prepared parents will be able to avoid the unhealthy cycle of misinformation, repeated chemical treatments, ongoing infestations and the disruption they can bring. Combing does what chemicals cannot. It sets the highest possible public health standard by enabling families to be self-reliant and proactive.

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